Harry Heads Home a Happy Hombre

Another happy client heads home after snatching victory over a trophy New Zealand trout.

This proved very hard work over two days of gale force winds on the back of a storm front that dropped a load of rain and casting in these conditions is never easy.

Day one saw a bunch of hits from some big trout and included 4 busting off, one of which was a very large trout maybe somewhere around 12+lbs. At the end of the day nothing to the bank but we knew our technique to beat this crappy weather and try to land a big fish was on the money. An evening spent refining the rig saw us quite excited to hit the water the following day.

Day 2 dawned pretty much the same as the first day, strong cold winds and overcast conditions. The going proved harder  with not so many chances at casting to sighted trout and a lot of blind work being done.  Finally in a likely fast moving, deep rocky riffle we picked a shape (very much a maybe) and after battling the wind to get an accurate cast it all happened, the fish hit the bait, the client struck and the battle started. The fish tried to get airborne early and then settled down into the big fish waiting game using the fast deep water to exert pressure on the tippet. Everything held and over the next 10 – 15 minutes we managed to work the leviathan down to the tail of the pool and finally managed to net it in the shallows.

Hog heaven

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions - Hog Heaven

Well done HD!

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