Clients and Guides equal Teamwork

Fly fishing guiding has many components to making a successful day for both the client and the guide. At the end of the day it is teamwork. A good guide will work More »

Fly Fishing Queenstown early season

Fly Fishing Queenstown and local area over the last month has not been the easiest in regard to the weather. The typical spring weather has been bringing thru plenty of fronts delivering More »

Fly fishing Queenstown in the heat of New Zealand summer

As the days are long and hot fly fishing Queenstown back country can be quite arduous on the body with many kilometers covered to get some of the best fly fishing in More »

Spotting NZ Trout

Spotting NZ trout is a bit of an art form in a funny way and some anglers become very adept at it, others do not. I often get asked how on earth More »

Fly Fishing Queenstown be ready for the 2011/12 season!

Fly Fishing Queenstown has one month to go before the 2011-2012 new season opens. Ye haa! Like fishing anywhere to be successful fly fishing Queenstown it pays to get your gear ready More »


Photography Release

By booking an expedition with Simon Wilkinson Guiding and/or NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions you hereby grant to Simon Wilkinson Guiding and/or NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions company directors, agents, successors, heirs, assigns and affiliates(“Photographers”) the absolute and irrevocable right and permission in respect of transparencies, still pictures and video footage that Photographers have taken or will take of me or employ others to take of me or in which I may be included with others, to copyright the same under their names; to use, reuse, license, publish and republish the same in whole or part, in any and all media now and hereafter, for illustration, promotion, art, advertising, sales and trade, or any other purpose whatsoever; and to use my name and/or biographical information about me in connection therewith if he/they so choose.

2. I hereby release and discharge Photographers from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with all the aforementioned in Paragraph 1, including without limitation any and all claims of libel and invasion of privacy.

3. This authorization and release shall inure to the benefit of the Photographers. I waive my right to any consideration or remuneration in return for providing this release.

4. I am of full age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the foregoing and fully understand the contents thereof. This release shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns.

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