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Well some how it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I wrote my last blog. I have been busy guiding and been all over the shop in both 4WD and Heli fishing mode with single day trips and multi day trips. The weather has continued to be spring like but there has been some absolute stunning fishing days. The fishing has been a mix of nymph and dry fly fishing with more of the latter starting to come into play. We have been enjoying the use of the usual suspects – Green humpies, Royal Wullfs and Blow flies and there has been some reasonable brown beetle activity around in the evenings too. Nymphs will continue to play a valuable role through out the season. I have had good success with emergers and soft hackles also over the last 2 weeks.

All the backcounrty fisheries I have evisited have been holdinng good numbers of rainbow trout higher up the system and the brown trout seem to more abundant lower down. The brown trout are all in seeming great condition early season and of the rainbow trout are post spawning with the exception of course as is the always the case when it comes to fishing.

I am seeing a great deal of masting in the beech trees and there might be a good mouse season coming up around the place!

The next week looks a little unsettled again but lets wait and see and take it as it comes.

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