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6th April – leaving early today (0500) we headed off deep into southland to spotx. Arriving early we headed well up river before starting to fish to give us the best chance of undisturbed water (big walk back at the days end – oh well). As the light lifted we started spotting some good trout. We got them to lift to para adams #12 even with no hatch and when that didn’t work we went to them and had success on Pheasant Tail #12-14. Got a good solid 1/2 hr hatch at 1400 – fish in the riffles – ye haa. 8 fish landed and about the same lost for one reason or another and a couple of missed strikes. The browns are moving up river for spawning so it is a good idea to check out upper reaches of water ways if the have reasonable water flow – look after a fresh. Well worth the longer drive today as the fishing in more northern southland has been harder as of recent. Still have got to chase those Salmon up the Dart yet. Next days fishing is friday 11th – will come back with a report then