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The Roadie

The Roadie

Don’t want to be based in one place on your New Zealand fly fishing trip then the Roadie expedition is right up your alley. Get the best of the fishing all the while staying in the comfort of a real bed with a roof over your head. The  roadie expedition is very flexible and works around the prime mover of what the weather systems are doing and where the best place will be to get the fishing you are after.  It’s a great way to see my end of the country and the best fishing it offers while enjoying all the creature comforts of home.

off the beaten track

Roadie to get the best of Fly fishing expeditions NZ


The Roadie – Expedition Description and Costs

I will pick you up at your Queenstown accommodation,  Queenstown or Invercargill airport as preferred and we will then head off to our first days fishing. Depending on where that is decides where we will be staying that night. We will eat in one of the local restaurants, cafes or pubs or at the place of accommodation we have for the night. The next morning some breakfast, a stop to pick up lunch and fuel (if required) before heading to the days fishing. And on it goes, great fishing, spectacular scenery, comfortable diggs and food of your choice!

The roadie expedition works by you hiring me as your guide/driver and you pay all the Roadie expenses as we go. It is not a fixed price expedition other than the guiding fee which includes the vehicle.

Roadtrip Fly Fishing Expeditions New Zealand

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions – On the Road and on the bank!

My rate per day for this trip is NZD 800.00 with a minimum of 4 days.

This is inclusive of: 4WD transport, fishing guide, video footage , digital still images, safety and risk management, DoC concessions and GST. NB. 2 angler max capacity

It does not include: accommodation, food, fuel or fishing equipment, fishing licenses.

If you are not bringing your own fishing equipment there is a daily charge of NZD 50.00 per angler for waders, boots, rods and reels.

If you would like to mix it up a little we can take our jet powered drift boat along, again let me know during booking so I can work the logistics of this into the roadie. There will be an additional fee for the drift boat.

Season: The season runs from 1st Oct 2022 to 31st May 2023

Fly Fishing Road trip

Get to different awesome New Zealand fly fishing by getting on the road.

Add Ons:

Heli-Access Trips

As we go during the roadie, day  outings by helicopter can be arranged quite easily. Talk to your guide and he will work to fit it in with the best weather during your roadtrip. This allows unparalleled access to the wildest and most remote of streams, some of which may never have been fished by another angler all season. These add-ons will incur an additional expense.  Read this for more info on heli fishing.

Boat Access Trips

Some rivers can be accessed by boating across the lakes which is a great way to get to the lower reaches of these high country rivers and is much easier on the wallet than helicopter and can offer an excellent (fairly) remote fishing experience.

Other areas we have access to do not allow the option of the aerial angler (heli-fishing) and the only way to access them is by boat. These areas do not see much in the way of human beings and can offer some of the best wilderness trout fishing in NZ if not the world. Your guide can arrange these trips easily and are worked in with suitable weather patterns to maximize your enjoyment.

Roadtrip Fly Fishing Expeditions New Zealand

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions – You ripper!

The Area & Rivers

The Roadie Expedition incorporates a very large potential area to fish. On any given trip we may range into the Central South Island, Mackenzie Country,  Otago, South Westland, Fiordland and Southland – basically the lower half of the South Island, although pushing further north is never out of the question! There is a wide variety of water to fish, large alluvial riverbeds, grass and tussock lined streams, mountain rivers that cascade through sub-temperate rain forests, freestone streams, crystal clear spring creeks, small tarns and large lakes, all holding large NZ trout.

The Fishing

All of these waters have large wily brown trout and some have a mix of rainbow trout as well. A few of our southern rivers have runs of sea trout after Xmas and also some small runs of Chinook salmon in Feb and March (when the rivers are low and clear these fish can be caught on standard fly gear from time to time). The average size of fish we catch is around the 20” mark (around 3 – 5lbs) and many well over that size. The opportunities for true NZ trophy trout are always possible with 10lb+ fish being landed each year by lucky anglers.

The Accommodation

We have a variety of accommodation to choose between as we travel on our roadie ranging from camp ground cabins, farm stays, pubs, B&B’s, motels, and hotels. When booking this expedition you need to let me know what style/s of accommodation you prefer as we go. I can provide a ball park figure of what this will cost at the time of booking but as we are not pre-booking the accommodation but making it up as we go using my knowledge of the areas we will be traveling through it will vary somewhat.

Best Times

The season starts on 1st October and typically the rivers will be high from snowmelt dropping as the month’s progress. The fish will be well rested, as they will not have seen an angler for five months. Dec-March is the prime season with surface insect life at its peak and 70% of fish caught will be on a dry fly. The big, bad and bold fish may take a little extra encouragement and a nymph fished under a dry can often be the recipe for success. April on sees the start of more changeable conditions with a good chance of Mayfly activity on some waters. Dry fly, terrestrial and nymphs are all used depending on the conditions. A Roadie expedition is great at any stage during the fishing season due to its great flexibility.

Early season: 1 Oct-30 Nov

Peak season: 1 Dec-30 March

Late season: 1st Apr -31st  May

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions - Does the bear s*#t in the woods?

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions – Does the bear s*#t in the woods?

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