Clients and Guides equal Teamwork

Clients and Guides equal Teamwork

Fly fishing guiding has many components to making a successful day for both the client and the guide. At the end of the day it is teamwork. A good guide will work More »

Fly Fishing Queenstown early season

Fly Fishing Queenstown early season

Fly Fishing Queenstown and local area over the last month has not been the easiest in regard to the weather. The typical spring weather has been bringing thru plenty of fronts delivering More »

Fly fishing Queenstown in the heat of  New Zealand summer

Fly fishing Queenstown in the heat of New Zealand summer

As the days are long and hot fly fishing Queenstown back country can be quite arduous on the body with many kilometers covered to get some of the best fly fishing in More »

Spotting NZ Trout

Spotting NZ Trout

Spotting NZ trout is a bit of an art form in a funny way and some anglers become very adept at it, others do not. I often get asked how on earth More »

Fly Fishing Queenstown be ready for the 2011/12 season!

Fly Fishing Queenstown be ready for the 2011/12 season!

Fly Fishing Queenstown has one month to go before the 2011-2012 new season opens. Ye haa! Like fishing anywhere to be successful fly fishing Queenstown it pays to get your gear ready More »


Queenstown Fly Fishing Expeditions

Queenstown Fly Fishing – I will pick you up from your Queenstown accommodation at a pre-arranged time. From here we will drive for between 1 to 2 hrs to take you to the waterways that will suit you and the weather/river conditions on the day. Generally you will spend the day casting to stalked and sighted fish ranging in size from 3lbs – 5lbs, (20+ inches) always with the possibility of seeing and hooking into much larger fish.

NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions

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My rate for the day is NZD 850.00. This is inclusive of: 4WD transport, fishing guide, lunch and non-alcoholic refreshments, video footage, digital still images, safety and risk management, DoC concessions and GST. 

Please note If you are not bringing your own fishing equipment there is a daily charge of NZD 50.00 per angler for waders, boots, rods and reels.


New Zealand Fly fishing Expeditions Queenstown. Photo credit Simon Gilbert

Fishing Licenses – I do not include fishing licenses as part of our Queenstown fly fishing expeditions as many places in our region (Otago and Southland) require different ones and many customers if they are fishing in other places through out NZ may have already purchased a full season license and we do not wish to penalize you by including it in our pricing structure.

A NZ Full Fly Fishing Season license costs NZ$ 127.00 (subject to change each year) per person for a NZ resident and NZD 165.00 (subject to change each year) for a Non NZ Resident. These New Zealand Full Season licenses covers every where in NZ with the exception of the Taupo region. A Backcountry stamp and/or a Fiordland license or Controlled fishery license may be required additionally to this but is free of charge. A Day fishing license costs NZ$ 20.00 (subject to change each year) per person and does not allow the ability to fish in certain Backcountry areas such as the Greenstone River and some other areas. Fishing licenses are not included in my pricing – please let me know if you need help in choosing the correct one.

The best option for Queenstown fly fishing expeditions is to get a full season license or non resident license as this will allow us access to the best water and is mandatory if you are Heli Fishing.

Queenstown Fly Fishing

NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions – Happy Memories


The Queenstown Fly Fishing Area & Rivers

There is a minimum drive of 40 minutes for Queenstown fly fishing expeditions to the nearest good rivers. Full day expeditions are the only real option to get guests to good Queenstown fly fishing opportunities as many of the rivers I access from take 2 hours driving one way to get to. The way the weather patterns work makes this a very good thing as on any given day we can work with or around the weather to offer good fishing opportunities depending on where the weather is coming from and where the rivers will be in the best condition.  The landscapes range from lush green farmland to open tussock lands to mountain beech forests and stunning mountain scenery with spring creeks, freestone rivers, alluvial rivers and alpine lakes to choose between. Once we get to the river we are going to fish, the day is yours to fish – when you are satisfied or too tired to carry on and quite possibly both we start walking back to the 4WD and then head back to Queenstown.

Queenstown Fly Fishing Waters

All of these Queenstown fly fishing waters have large wily brown trout and some have a mix of rainbow trout as well. A few of our southern rivers have runs of sea trout after Xmas and also some small runs of Chinook salmon in Feb and March. The average size of fish we catch is around the 20” mark (around 3 – 5lbs) and many well over that size. The opportunities for true NZ trophy trout on a Queenstown fly fishing trip are always possible with 10lb+ fish being landed each year by lucky anglers.

Great water

Excellent water and amazing trout

Queenstown Fly Fishing Best Times

The Queenstown fly fishing season starts on 1st October and typically the rivers will be high from snow melt dropping as the month’s progress. The fish will be well rested, as they will not have seen an angler for five months. Dec-March is the prime season with surface insect life at its peak and 70% of fish caught will be on a dry fly. The big, bad and bold fish may take a little extra encouragement and a nymph fished under a dry can often be the recipe for success. April sees the start of more changeable conditions with a good chance of Mayfly activity on some waters. Dry fly, terrestrial and nymphs are all used depending on the conditions.
Early season: 1 Oct – 30 Nov
Peak season: 1 Dec – 30 March
Late season: 1st April – 31st May

Heli-Access – We have many rivers that are only easily accessible by helicopter from Queenstown or Wanaka so if you prefer we can organize helicopter fly fishing expeditions to get into remote back country areas.  If you really want to unlock some of the very best fishing in New Zealand, day outings by helicopter can be arranged by talking to your guide and worked to fit in with the best weather during your stay in then area. This allows unparalleled access to the wildest and most remote of streams, some of which may never have been fished by another angler all season. These add-ons will incur an additional expense for the helicopter and landing permits. NB. POA for heli-fishing trips.

Queenstown Fly Fishing

NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions – Heli Fishing

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