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Into December now and still ducking and diving around the weather but we are getting better periods of more settled weather which is helping the timeless art of fly fishing for NZ trout.

Last week was spent chasing some post-coital rainbows and some still right in the act too in some small back country creeks with fish happily coming to the dry fly 90% of the time and a day on a lowland river that was also productive with fat browns wanting a lightly weighted nymph and one good crack at a veritable hog that would have gone 12 -14 lbs. Had a swim to get into position for it and after about 8 casts and one change the beast went for it and unfortunately my guy thought he had put it a bit to far to the right and went into relax mode and then was wondering what to do when his guide yelled STRIKE (the fish went at it hard and no time to warn my guy it was coming) – by the time the line was tight and rod lifted it was all over and this big trout quietly disappeared into the depths. Moral of the story – when your fly is in the water – FISH IT WITH PURPOSE! You won’t get a second chance especially on big trophy trout!

It’s been raining hard all day and there will be some bigger volumes in the river and also discoloration in some too for the next 24hrs before they drop back again.

Productive flies of recent: Green Humpies, Blow flies imitaions, Light half back nymphs and hare and coppers.