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Lots of Mayfly but no fish feeding on the surface? Try an Emerger pattern. The last 2 days  expeditions with the cooler weather down here has seen me guiding on river “X”. Yesterday saw several missed chances – got to be super quick on the strike. I have been running a tungsten beaded PT with and emerger dropper ( a special home tie pattern) and have had great success. Yesterday saw two 9lbs brown trout to the bank (and several dropped trout). Today same river, much lower down on the system, same rig and 9 fish hooked with 3 lost – nothing so big but plenty in the 4 – 6lbs range


NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions - Nice Brown trout caught on the Emerger

As I said in the last post the cold weather would make the difference and it certainly has. The mayfly is on but make sure you choose the right method of attack –  surface has not been working but sub-surface with the emerger has. Tommorrow may be different but then again maybe not! Like fishing anywhere, fishing in New Zealand is partly about understanding what is happening and choosing the right rig and fly’s for the conditions to achieve a successful day. Come and fish with NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions and we will help you acheive success.

NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions - Nice Water

NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions - Nice Water