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One of my other wee pre-fishing season jobs is to make sure all my fly lines start the season clean. To help me do this I use the Airflo Whizz Lube cleaning solution

NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions

NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions

and although the picture on it makes it look like it should be used in the bedroom it is a very good product. I went through my normal procedure of washing each line in warm soapy water and let it dry. I then squeezed a bit of the lube out and clipped it on to the line (there is a nice foam pad) and simply wound the line back onto the reel. I was quite amazed at the amount of dirt this product found and removed from each line. Of course the out come is a clean line will cast more smoothly and easily than one which is all grimed up.

I think that this product is a must have for a fly angler and is especially important for those of us who have the wonderful new airflo ridge lines – it really helps clean all the dirt out of each ridge.

The count down is on with only 6 sleeps to go before the rivers open for the start of the season.