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It’s not often I actually kill a trout but yesterday we had an opportunity to show a nice 4.5 lb jack fish the priest.  After filleting (amazing color red, orange flesh) the trout I had a poke around in the stomach and found a good amount of the usual caddis and mayfly nymphs, a  number of blow flies and best of all green beetles. These will be around now thru until Xmas and the trout love them. There are some reasonable mayfly hatches occurring in the afternoons.

The rivers are all running at low levels for this time of year in most of Southland and are very clean. It’s certainly quite unusual for this time of year for them to be so low. The snow is holding well in the mountains still so when we do end up getting some warmer, wet weather we will get some good flushes – its just a matter of when.

The fishing has been excellent with very good condition brown trout being caught and in the rainbow waters still finding trout that have yet to spawn.

I am based down in Lumsden, Southland at present and ducking and diving around the wind to get some excellent fishing and have a couple of trips coming up that might see us nudging into Fiordland.

Stay tuned in for more info coming and remember to book your fly fishing expedition so you can make sure you have your time and guide secured.