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5 Great iPhone Apps for Fishermen

No matter where your interests lie, there are iPhone apps available that are perfectly suited to you. The modern angler is a case in point. So you have an iPhone and you love to fish? Then try these five great iPhone apps for fishermen on for size, and we are sure you will find at least one that you can no longer do without.

5. Angler Knots

Angler Knots and Fishing Knots are similar iPhone apps that prove very useful for new or less experienced anglers who want give it a go on their own. Both apps provide in-depth, step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions for tying all of the most useful and popular fishing knots. The graphics are detailed, clear, and precise to the point of being just as good as having dad or granddad there instructing you. An angler will eventually outgrow this app, but the investment is only several dollars.

4. Flick Fishing HD

Flick Fishing will not exactly help your fishing game, but it will give you something to do while stuck on the train or waiting in the doctor’s office. Flick Fishing is inexpensive, looks great, and packs in a lot of realism. It is certainly not a full-fledged simulation, but it will leverage your knowledge enough to entertain you during downtime.

3. Google Earth

While not an angler’s iPhone app per se, the mobile version of Google Earth is an invaluable tool for fishermen and any other outdoorsmen. It is particularly useful when tackling an unfamiliar area, where the sportsman can use Google Earth to get a bird’s eye view area. For anglers, this is a great way to get that mental image of a delta, lake, or river. Hunters can use it to get their bearings as well.

2. Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing is an all-in-one journal for anglers. It allows the fisherman to keep notes about their catches and experiences, and it even makes it easy to record data such as temperature, wind, and time of day. Best of all, using Gone Fishing’s built-in GPS capabilities, the fisherman can pin the data to its real world location, which is priceless information the next time you return to an area after a year or more away.

1. Fishing Calendar

Fishing Calendar is an iPhone app from SIS software based on a solar-lunar calendar. For only several dollars, this gives you a snapshot view of how plentiful the fish will be in a given area at a specified period. This information is great when planning those fishing tips ahead of time. As an added bonus, it packs in some of the journal functionality found in Gone Fishing, but if you like those features, you might want both.

We had to make some difficult choices in order to whittle this list down to just five entries. There are plenty of great options out there, so make sure to poke around a little. Honorable mention includes Angler Social and TideGraph.

Louise Baker is a freelance writer. She currently writes for the Zen College Life directory of online degrees. Her most recent article was on getting a criminal justice degree.