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Beech Trees

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions - Beech Trees

Beech Trees masting in large numbers is enough to get many anglers excited. Often the season after a hot summer can mean beech trees mast, dropping huge numbers of seed on the forest floor. The off shoot of this is a rodent problem. Stoats, rats, weasels and of course mice can go to plague like proportions. A percentage of mice end up in the river often trying to get from an area that has been cleaned out of seed into an area where there is still seed available and some just fall in. This is when anglers get really excited as our trout love to devour them. These trout eating mice do of course put on weight just as we do if we eat too much. They become Fat Trout. These fat trout can often weigh about 1.5 – 2lbs than above normal and give the angler higher opportunities for catching big fish.

New Zealand Fly Fishing Beach Trees

Beech Trees = Mouse eating trout

Many anglers ask about the famed mouse eating trout but really a better question should be, are the any beech trees and when should I get there to have the best opportunity to exploit? Beech trees masting seems to occur about every 3-7 and usually the season after a hot summer. Right now here are a few places around New Zealand that could produce some interesting results in the next few months. It doesn’t mean by any stretch that all beech trees in New Zealand are masting, just semi isolated pockets.

Night fishing seems to be the way to catch these fish on actual mouse patterns. I have offered trout mice during the day and watched them take a semi interested look but have yet to see one commit to eating in the daylight hours. I always keep a mouse pattern handy just for test purposes should an opportunity present.

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions - Simms  Dry Creek Hip pack & Beech trees

Simms Dry Creek Hip pack


Videos have been made and stories are told of these fish that become large from the food chain that stems from New Zealand’s beech tree filled forests.


There is the other not so great offshoot of the masting beech trees and that is after the seed runs out New Zealand’s native birds take a real hit due to the large numbers of  rats, stoats, possums and weasels…..lets introduce Taimen that should help… nah just kidding but not so long in the past it probably would have been considered a great idea. Buy some possum fur products while you are here chasing those elusive fat mice eating trout… that will help!

New Zealand  Fly Fishing Expeditions beech trees

fat trout



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