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Fly Fishing Queenstown and local area over the last month has not been the easiest in regard to the weather. The typical spring weather has been bringing thru plenty of fronts delivering wind and rain making the rivers rivers go up and down like yo yos. The good news is on the 1st Nov the back country water opened and now we have our full array of fly fishing Queenstown water to hit.

Even tho the weather has not been easy the fishing has been good…..getting geared up to beat the cold stormy days and choosing the right water to fish and then hitting the good stuff in the breaks in between has certainly got us in to some good fish.

Fly Fishing Queenstown

Early season trophy rainbow

The small waters have been fishing well too on those shitty days.

Fly Fishing Queenstown

Small water fish


Almost with out exception the fish have been in great nick

Fly Fishing Queenstown

Great condition early season brown

Most of the time we have been getting down deep with big heavy stuff and running a small dropper rig which has been doing the real damage…….but only when we have been at depth. Making sure you can deliver the casting goods is crucial to success … here are the basic 5 essentials.

Last week I was out guiding and 3 out of the 5 days the weather was exceptional and my client had a ball with learning some new techniques and getting some cracking fish. Not only some big boys but plenty,  a conservative count would have been around 50 for the week. Amongst these was a brown trout that went 2 ounces under the magic 10lbs ….. oh so close and a big bow that went 11lbs to finish an outstanding week of fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Queenstown

Almost the magic 10lbs … not quite!

I made a mistake one day …… should have been in the waders…….freezing southerly wind and snow showers coming thru the bush line. Spent most of the day running on the spot and doing burpees to stay warm!

Fly Fishing Queenstown

Cold showers days still produce

Love the back country when you stumble across a good size brown …. this fish had a brief look at a nymph and then wouldn’t eat anything until ……… well the pic says it all.

Fly Fishing Queenstown

Dead drift streamer … big fish love em!

During this day I managed to break some ribs…..big boulder rolled and I was keen to get my legs out of crush zone and threw my body sideways in the air but being no gymnast I came down heavily side on into a small but friggin hard boulder straight into the the side of my chest……..3 hours walk out in some tough terrain to get to my supply of pain killers! This did not stop me guiding the next 2 days although we changed plans and fished some easier water with great results.

Fly Fishing Queenstown

Bar of Silver

The week finished with this bad boy ……… well done MG …….. see you again soon!

Fly Fishing Queenstown

11lbs of bow

So all up a great week of Queenstown fly fishing …… if you want some of this be sure to book your trip now!