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Fly Fishing New Zealand Southern Lakes

Fly fishing New Zealand Southern Lakes with a week to go is a good warm up session for the New Zealand season opening in a weeks time. We drove up to where one of New Zealand premier fly fishing rivers joins Lake Wakatipu and hit the mouth of the Greenstone river.

Fly Fishing New Zealand

Fly Fishing New Zealand

A morning spent getting casting up to speed was well worth it as the afternoon presented a few fish with the best being a 7.5 lbs brown caught on a Airflo Di 5 Sixth Sense line with a small bugger. Depth was required on the side of the rip as the upper water columns was not providing much sport and a count of 45 seconds was dropping the line to around 20 feet before using a slow retrieve……due to the depth and the size of the fish a good typical brown trout battle ensued and after about 8 mins we were able to beach this beautiful New Zealand brown trout.

Fly Fishing New Zealand

Fly Fishing New Zealand

It was released and swam away happily back into the depths to give another angler and opportunity to catch a fine trout while fly fishing New Zealand.

Fly Fishing New Zealand

Fly Fishing New Zealand

If you want to really give your self the best chance to catch fish like fly fishing New Zealand be sure to get some practice in…..get that casting sorted, practice, practice, practice …. it does pay off when it comes time for your big trip or even just your one or two weekends away, your rod will be bent more often and you will become one of the 10% who catch 90% of the fish.

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New Zealand Fly Fishing season fast approaching

Here’s a little tease for the upcoming New Zealand fly fishing season. I hope you enjoy!

Here is a great new App for watching the weather for that big New Zealand fly fishing trip. Check out my Netvibes Page for some other good NZ Fly Fishing weather/river info along with plenty of other goodies!


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New Zealand Fly Fishing season starts soon

New Zealand Fly Fishing season starts soon……..are you ready? Read my post from the previous season on some things to prepare yourself for the New Zealand fly fishing season.

New Zealand Fly Fishing



I have had a busy winter teaching skiing in Queenstown and have a few more weeks to go until I really turn my full attention to the pursuit of catching trout but have started going thru all the gear prep to make my New Zealand fly fishing season awesome, it takes a bit of time but is well worth  working thru now so when it’s time to hit those rivers the rods gets well bent.

I finally got the chance to sit down and whip up a quick vid from last season late summer’s fly fishing and I am working on another, just a little tease to get you all fired up for the new fly fishing season. I hope you enjoy this little bit of New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions footage!




Tips to remember when filming New Zealand fly fishing action:

Stand still …….don’t walk and film!

Don’t worry about zooming in/out stay on wide.

Rinse aid on camera lens if filming underwater footage of trout!

Remember to get more out takes for editing.


My good friend and guiding buddy Chris has written a good piece on the opportunities that are around between now and the season opening. Like him, I will be getting amongst it over the next few weeks as time allows to chase those fish on the whitebait frenzy and trying to hit some of those rainbows before they run for spawning.

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions

Make sure you book your New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions trip for the season early to ensure you can get the time period you want.


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