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Well with 3 weeks to go now until opening day of the NZ fly fishing season time seems to have slowed down – in fact it’s like being in a crazy fishermans time warp!

I have a list of things to do to be ready to start the guiding season and I don’t really think it matters too much whether you are a guide or just a serious fly fisherman – there are things we should all be doing to make sure we are ready to roll.

New Water

New Water

For me and it’s in no particular order:

Make sure my 4WD is ready to get into tough terrain and won’t let me down so I can get back again with out having a bloody long walk to get to cell phone range.

Tie flies – lots and lots of flies

Go thru all my fly fishing gear and ensure all reels and lines are in good working order.

Replace leaders and tippet.

Replace batteries in torches and safety equipment.

Look at Maps – think about new places to explore because there is always more water to check out – especially here in New Zealand.

Get your Fishing License.

Start walking water – helps to get the eyes in shape and you might find a hog for opening day!

Do lots and lots of household chores – build up as many brownie points as you can with the other half – you will need them!

Start reading and looking at more fish porn than usual – with an open mind as you might learn something new to try out.

If you haven’t done any winter fishing – get a rod in hand and start getting some practice casting going – you may look like an idiot in the park but when it comes to being on the water for real it will pay off! Being on the water is not the time to be practicing your casting – there is plenty else going on. This is especially important if you are an overseas angler about to visit New Zealand this season.

If you are going to come and visit New Zealand this season for some fly fishing do your homework and if you are after a guide get in contact and book your time in now to ensure you have who you want when you want them.

New Zealand Southern Alpes Satelite Image

New Zealand Southern Alps Satelite Image