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The windy weather continues here in Southland New Zealand but the smart fly fisherman has been able to juggle the wind by going to the right places to get out of it or just has the skills to deal with and succeed in catching NZ trout in howling gales.

One fine and very rare still day allowed for some spectacular sight fishing and resulted in 6 trout to the bank on a afternoon excursion of a few hours  – most of the trout were caught using my emerger pattern again but one nice back water fish came to the surface and sucked in a #16 Dad’s Fav.


A small rain fall came thru yesterday afternoon and most of the rivers have had some lifting occur but have generally remained clean. Snow melt from the warm winds over the last week has also seen fluctuations in river flows as it has been coming down thru the systems.

I am still in Southland but will be return to Queenstown over the weekend before the next trip away.

Keep reading – more reports coming soon.