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New Zealand Fly Fishing season fast approaching

Here’s a little tease for the upcoming New Zealand fly fishing season. I hope you enjoy!

Here is a great new App for watching the weather for that big New Zealand fly fishing trip. Check out my Netvibes Page for some other good NZ Fly Fishing weather/river info along with plenty of other goodies!


If you want to enjoy some New Zealand fly fishing like this over the upcoming season make sure you book your NZ fly fishing expedition now.


New Zealand Fly Fishing season starts soon

New Zealand Fly Fishing season starts soon……..are you ready? Read my post from the previous season on some things to prepare yourself for the New Zealand fly fishing season.

New Zealand Fly Fishing



I have had a busy winter teaching skiing in Queenstown and have a few more weeks to go until I really turn my full attention to the pursuit of catching trout but have started going thru all the gear prep to make my New Zealand fly fishing season awesome, it takes a bit of time but is well worth  working thru now so when it’s time to hit those rivers the rods gets well bent.

I finally got the chance to sit down and whip up a quick vid from last season late summer’s fly fishing and I am working on another, just a little tease to get you all fired up for the new fly fishing season. I hope you enjoy this little bit of New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions footage!




Tips to remember when filming New Zealand fly fishing action:

Stand still …….don’t walk and film!

Don’t worry about zooming in/out stay on wide.

Rinse aid on camera lens if filming underwater footage of trout!

Remember to get more out takes for editing.


My good friend and guiding buddy Chris has written a good piece on the opportunities that are around between now and the season opening. Like him, I will be getting amongst it over the next few weeks as time allows to chase those fish on the whitebait frenzy and trying to hit some of those rainbows before they run for spawning.

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions

Make sure you book your New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions trip for the season early to ensure you can get the time period you want.


Fly Fishing Queenstown New Zealand in May

Fly fishing Queenstown New Zealand in May the temps have dropped. All the lowland streams are closed for spawning but we still have our high country water open until the end of the month. The fly fishing is pretty bloody good! Make sure you come and get some before the season closes!

Here’s  a wee video from a recent trip:

It look s much better in HD which you can see by going to my You Tube Channel and then selecting 720p HD


fly fishing queenstown new zealand

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions

A quick tip. Wise choices can get you away from fishing at those tricky browns that are in spawning mode at this late stage of the season. A recent foray saw us go past a tributary that sees quite high numbers of browns.  Getting high up on the main stem where the resident rainbows were all go, chomping on anything we threw at them.

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