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Early Spring Time and Fly fishing

The weather patterns have changed and spring is on us.  Now is a good time to be sorting out your fly fishing gear so it’s all ready to  go come the opening of the new fishing season in 3 weeks time.  Fix the busted bits, clean the dirty, tie or buy those flies you really need to re-stock the fly box and get some casting practice in on the new rod or the old faithful stick.  Whatever you need to do if you haven’t done it — do it. Remember to get your New Zealand fishing license sorted!

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions Streamers, big fish love them

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions Streamers, big fish love them

The West Coast whitebaiting season is now underway and and there will be sea run trout and kawhai to hit in the estuary’s and mouths over the next while,  a perfect time to get some of those streamers in action. Word has it the upper Clutha is fishing very well with rainbows being the sport. Time to leave the skiing in Queenstown for a couple of days and head over to South Westland via a session or two on the Clutha. A good time to get some kaimoana!

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Saltwater flies catch New Zealand Trout near Queenstown

Recently I have been exploring some different ways to catch New Zealand trout. I had some saltwater flies sitting around that I use for offerings to kawhai and decided on a recent foray to a couple of local rivers to try using them.

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions Saltwater Fly

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions Saltwater Fly

I was using a switch rod with a skagit head with about 11ft of fast sinking leader and then my very bright green and white kawhai fly. It wasn’t long until I had a hit which gave me some hope. A short while later I felt a good solid tug and I tugged back  – yehaa fish on. A few more fish have succumbed to this set up so I figure yes you can catch New Zealand trout on saltwater flies.

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions Brown trout caught on saltwater fly

New Zealand Fly Fishing Expeditions Brown trout caught on saltwater fly

At the end of the day if you put an offering in front of a hungry trout that is fished appropriately chances are it will have a crack at eating it. There are a few variables with water colour,  light conditions, moon phase etc but really if the trout is eating and you present to it correctly yehaa fish on!

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The end of lowland rivers for another season

Since my last post we had a few good expeditions to finish the New Zealand lowland river season and some nice mayfly hatches to boot. The mayfly were turning a darker shade and the trout were taking cleanly off the surface allowing for for some nice dry fly action. Still seeing the same old addage with “God save the Queen” being forgotten in moments of heat but all in all happy clients into trout.

The trout in these systems now have 5 months of peace and quiet for spawning before we can start attacking the again in October.

I managed a quick burst down to the South Coast to prospect for some of our sea/estuary sports salt water fish, the kawhai, and managed to hook into a few – so next time it will be a more seroius affair on Salt Water Fly gear.

Also a quick mission to the West Coast fishing from a boat proved to be fun against the Kawhai again and also opportunties on Albacore Tuna were available and proved to be great fun with some hooked and lost. We are going again soon with luck.

The duck hunting season has just started with opening weekend here being crystal clear fine weather and tye ducks flying high keeping our numbers low – it would have been better to go fishing! The weather is turning for the worse today so that will help and the next couple of evenings may prove to be much better.

The still open high country rivers (close end of May) usually produce some great fishing during May for big Fat Browns that have headed up system for spawning and also rainbows that get some feasting on the eggs although the days are much colder now and the amount of daylight much shorter as well making one really make the most of each opportunity.

NZ Fly fishing Expeditions  - Happy late season client

NZ Fly fishing Expeditions - Happy late season client


NZ Fly Fishing Expeditions - Bamboo on ice

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